How to Find the Right Interior Designer?


If you are looking for an interior designer for your residential & commercial space then this article is for you. Finding the right interior designer can be an intimidating process for you. This article will guide you to consider things before hiring an interior designer. Working with the right interior designer can turn out to be a life-changing experience.

How do you select right interior designer?

1. Research

Before hiring an interior designer, who is proficient in residential and commercial designs, you need to do a bit of research and screening so that you can be updated about the process. Get a detailed account of how you want to design your home, office interiors – know your style. This will help in better communication with your designer and make your requirements better understood.

Get to know your designer before signing the deal. Get in contact with various designers and go for the most rewarding one. If possible, talk to their previous clients and get feedback. This is the best way to understand the designer’s work and what you can expect from your interior designer.

2. Innovation

Technological change is beginning to permeate the interior design industry. Be clear with the objective of what kind of innovative interior designs you are looking for in your homes & offices. Thus, you must hire a designer who understands your objectives and connects with the standard and style you are looking for in your home & office space.

3. The Basics

Interior design is indeed a science that is bound by its elements and principles and yes, it is not as simple as one thinks it to be! Generally, the interior designer follows the rule book which has balance, emphasis & focus, contrast, rhythm, repetition, scale, proportion & details. One of the most important of these basic principles is attention to every small detail. Details are very easy to overlook. Your role is to stick to your style and objective to ensure that your expectations are met. An efficient interior designers’ team is always there to give you solutions

4. Timely Delivery

Trust is most essential for effective communication. It is the foundation of beautiful interiors, as good home interiors take effort and time. Have an estimated time constraint to when you want the work done; keep in mind that shorter timelines can be more expensive, also leading to quick work without the desired finish. Do you want the work to be done when you are away or do you want to be a part of it, throughout the process? Have a tentative timeline set, so the goals are easier to meet.

5. Creativity and Color Awareness

As an interior designer by profession, he should know the value of colors in creating the mood of living spaces. They must be well aware of primary, tertiary and complementary color patterns. The passion of the work you will see in your designer’s work process, creativity & delivery.

6. Passionate About his Work

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Since your residential or commercial property is your passion to build & invest a lot in it. Your interior designer should have the passion that possibly brings out his best work with the most optimum designs and materials. He should be able to understand what you need exactly and be ready to work hard to meet all those with the best solutions possible. In a nutshell, he should treat the project as a personal challenge to make it an exquisite one!

Wrapping it up!

  • Ensure that you have your primary research done to face the interior designer while the discussion
  • Give the best knowledge of your business to your designer so that he will be able to visualize and plan his further research
  • Be firm on your objective for your residential & commercial designs
  • Jot down your points to communicate with your interior designer and ask for some innovative ideas to occupy your idea.
  • Your interior designer must have knowledge of new & innovative technology that is enhanced to fit in your design.
  • Do not overlook the small details as it might have larger effects
  • Creating a beautiful interior may take time. Give the Design team a tentative timeline to get your work done but do not rush. 
  • Hire a professional & experienced designer. They can solve diverse issues and avoid any mistake that might be costly in the future

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