Design is You!


Your home is an extension of your personality, or rather the collective personalities of all those living in it. It is where you are most comfortable and its aura brings the best in you. As you rearrange your space and collect items and artifacts your living space starts reflecting your values, likings, and vision. Your living space evolves with you over time and becomes an inseparable part of your persona.

So let’s go deep in this and find out how exactly you should approach things when it comes to designing your space.

 When you are ready to purchase a new home or you decide to renovate the current one and you are all excited about the same.

But, how should you proceed further? This is a big question and many of us have been through this similar situation.

3 Things to do when you are designing your space:

1. Scouting for ideas:

This will help you, build your new space. You try to recollect all the idea’s that you have observed at different places over time. You have always wished that when you make a change, you will be using that design or material. There are so many thoughts and references that you have collected over time that it is impossible to implement all.

2. It is time for some expert advice!

When you look around, you will find experts with designs and also expert designers. It is a glitzy world, you will find experts presenting you with tons of catalogs that are filled with mind-boggling designs. They will provide you with multiple options of colors, layouts, furniture, and styles. You have the onus of selecting the right mix of what suits you. It is a roller coaster ride as you would want to have all of them.

It is certainly a difficult choice to make!

Then, there are expert designers who approach this process the other way around. They begin with studying your likes, dislikes, habits, and interests and then create a customized offering for you. A right interior designer will design the home to meet and suit your comfort level and interests.

Mahesh Mane, CEO of Eternal M Creations, says,

It is important to provide an upgrade in the lifestyle while preserving the comfort level of the occupants of the living space.

He continues,

People are the most important aspects of any design process. We first try to understand the lifestyle and interests of the people before creating a comfortable space for them.

While designing a room for an elderly person who takes daily medicines, we ensure that the medicine cabinet is accessible to the person whenever needed. Also, if a person is fond of reading, we will incorporate a well-placed reading lamp and bookshelf in the design.

Here is a short video that will guide you on how to select the ideal interior designer for your home!

3. Prioritizing your comfort above everything:

The Living space must incorporate elements that help you unwind and relax after a tough day’s work. It may be by creating decor with musical instruments, acoustically sound space with music players, or decor with your favorite sports memorabilia.

Anything that improves your quality of living and enhances your comfort must be an integral part of interior design!

Wrapping up:

The aesthetics, color schemes, furniture, and carefully chosen artifacts take this experience to a newer level. There are a few basic principles of good interior design and we will touch upon each one of those in this series. But the first step is to select an interior designer who believes that, the entire designing process is about you because #thedesignisyou

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