Get Your Office Ready For Social Distancing: Keeping it Healthy and Productive

Social distancing is here to stay, and it is time to ensure that our offices and workplaces meet the requirements. While you may have a rough idea about your office, it is always a good idea to get an expert opinion.

You would think that the size of the workspace and the distance between workspaces would be the essential design aspect in the post lockdown era. However, that is not the only consideration. There are common areas, cafeterias, visitor areas, conference rooms, and many other aspects to examine. Also, along with distancing, some simple safety measures and SOP’s are essential to ensure the well-being of employees.

To begin with, an experienced interior expert will assess and help you understand if your office would continue supporting the current workforce considering the post lockdown norms. He will be able to help determine the maximum number of workforce that could be supported. He will further be able to provide you with alternatives and solutions to optimize the capacity of the existing office space.

The safety of your employees is paramount both for them and for the business. There have been instances where offices have been shut down right after re-opening due to a lack of due diligence. Such an incident could prove costly for employees as well as the business. It is best to avoid such a significant setback with careful assessment and planning.

There are multiple ways of ensuring the compliance and safety of your employees. One of the leading interior designers in Pune, Mr Mahesh Mane, shares his thoughts. “A bit of non-disruptive reorganization can easily optimize the number of employees supported by your facility. The addition or extension of partitions can also be an option in some instances. There is no standard formula this optimization, but getting an assessment done is the right place to start.” Eternal M Creations Pvt Ltd is helping businesses in the post lockdown era with a free assessment of their office spaces.

While the safety of your employees in your office facility is essential, it is also vital that they should be able to work as a team. Co-working and collaboration is a must for the employees to be productive. Therefore effective teamwork must be supported by the updated design while maintaining safety.

So there is a need for careful consideration. We need to ensure that while addressing social distancing, it should not amount to isolation. For people to work together, they need a safe environment that doesn’t hinder collaboration. It is a bit of tightrope walk, and it is a wise decision to bring in an expert.

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