Second Homes to Soon Take Over the First!

A farmhouse, a weekend home, a villa or, a second home have become synonymous to a private getaway where you unwind and refresh yourself after a long and hectic week of work. Once a privilege only of the wealthy people, it has become increasingly affordable and is now within reach of more and more people. In recent times, second homes have also been a very lucrative investment opportunity.

One of the significant features of these spaces is that they are closely connected to nature and away from the Urban jungle. While presenting a laid-back and rustic lifestyle, basic amenities make them more comfortable.

Although designed as a weekend gateway, it makes better sense to spend more than just the weekend in these second homes in the current situation and post-COVID era. Those who work from home or work online for most of the time will find the second home ideal. It is wise to stay in a spacious house for a significant part of the week and only venture into crowded areas whenever necessary.

Farmhouse style

Social distancing will be the new norm in the days to come. With many large corporates adopting policies to make the majority of people work from home, the homes will move away from City and become spacious.

All the above will require special consideration in designing the nextgen Second Homes, where one would spend more time than the first home! “The ideal second home design is a simplistic and functional design that provides all the comforts while keeping you close to nature. Along with nature, The design should also include all the amenities needed to meet one’s professional obligations”, says Mr. Mahesh Mane, the Director of Eternal M Creations. They are the leading specialists in architecture, landscaping, and interiors for second homes.

Incidentally, the whole idea has come around a full circle. Initially, a farmhouse was nothing but a house built in farmland for the farmers and the people who work in farms. In these early years, farmhouses were often built on readily available material such as wood, stones, and other items from the fields. The interior décor was kept simple in those days, as the families mostly spend their time doing their outdoor work. In those days, the kitchen or cooking chores were also done outdoors. The houses were built for farmers to take a break from a long workday. The interiors were pretty cozy and comfortable.

In the present, weekend home styles are seeing a revolution in interior designs. Farmhouses are not true to their roots anymore and finished in modern farmhouse styles. Contemporary Farmhouse styles have a more defined look with antiques, handmade furniture, and neutral colors. The elements used are elegant yet cozy, with a touch of industrial panache that makes the style suitable for not only rural homes but urban houses too.

There are different variations to traditional style; some houses combine rustic elements with the homes that are alongside coasts to have coastal vibes. Some people love to add styles with details like woven furniture and funky patterns. Modern farmhouse style is a mix of unique ideas, but at its core, it has very appealing simplicity vibes. 

The simplicity of the second home is with its versatile inspirations from the traditional style of interiors. There is no thumb rule for designs. It is usually based on the imperfect design with mix and match of traditional and modern style. So, now it is time to think seriously about the second home and get moving on your pet project. For the design and interiors, you can choose a style between classic or contemporary farmhouse style to get that dream design work for you.

Of course, you can get help from one of the specialists in the field for professional guidance and a worry-free experience building or redesigning your dream second home.

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