Hanging Lights or Floor Lamps?

The comfort of your home that you live in is the way you feel when you are there. While your mood depends upon a plethora of things, one of the most important factors that control the same is the lighting in your living space. Dim lighting may induce depression and warm lights make you feel at home. A perfect amount of sunlight elevates your mood every morning and similarly rightly placed lights makes your evening pleasanter! It is important to choose the lights in your home wisely and it is better to make an informed decision about the same.

Mr. Mahesh Mane, the leading interior designer says that “while it is important that the lights look attractive, it is more important that they provide you with the correct light to feel happy and comfortable.” Most of the people we meet have a lot of queries about the lights, especially if the lights should be covered with shades or open? How many lights should be there? If we should have more hanging lights or Floor and Table Lamps?

Cozy and bright living room with sofa and furniture

In a nutshell, the lighting is the soul of a living space and the placements of lights depend on many factors. As per Mr. Mane, lights serve two major purposes, to illuminate the space and also to highlight the important areas/artefacts of your dwelling.

Modern Decor with Floor Lamps: Floor Lamps are ideally used in the modern settings where spaces are bigger and we are looking to illuminate and highlight a particular corner or a small area. It could be used to highlight the entire corner of the house, or a set of furniture or even some artistic artifacts which are placed on the floor. Floor Lamps give an impression of spaciousness and help to segregate areas to be highlighted. They are used in casual spaces like bedrooms and art spheres with dramatic effects. They impart a character to the space they illuminate

Hanging Lights, Pendants and Chandeliers: Chandeliers provide a grandeur to the space and while they provide light and illuminate other objects, they are themselves a work of art and add to the décor of the home. Hanging lights are non-obtrusive and effectively highlight an area without being noticed. They find usefulness in commercial spaces where you are looking to highlight other objects and make an impact with them. They are very effective in smaller spaces and also in outdoor spaces like corridors and verandahs. Hanging lights are easily able to cover larger areas effectively and are used in a variety of spaces.

So, hanging lamps and floor lamps serve their own purpose and when used together effectively highlight the soul of your dwelling and provide you with a rich living experience.

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