Shree Varad Vinayak Hospital

Multi-Speciality and Adaptability

Shree Varad Vinayak Hospital is located at Kedgoan, Dapodi on Astavinayak highway.

The hospital is planned with an eco- effective design. The landscape at the entrance is designed to create an
pleasant environment and reduce the negativity that is often present in hospitals.

The hospital is designed fulfilling all the guidelines and regulations of National Accreditation Board for Hospitals &
Healthcare Providers (NABH) and PMRDA.The layout is designed to be user friendly by creating different zones and designing a central circulation system such that no two different zones disturb each other.

The structure consists on an extensive parking space and grand entrance lobby.The casualty/ emergency room is located at the front and is easily accessible from outside to an ambulance so that the patient can receive an immediate attention. The pathology, ECG , city-scan labs are easily accessible from the emergency ward. Helpdesk are centrally located in different zones to guide people.

OPDs for all specialized doctors are located close to each other with a common centralized waiting area. This helps in reducincg crowd movements while improving efficiency. The second floor consists of General wards , private and Semi private wards.

The general wards are also designed and treated with same quality as the private wards.The layout is arranged in a way that no patient’s privacy would be hampered. The wards can be compartmentalized if required.The use of natural ventilation liberally used to create a sense of space and freshness in these areas. Spacious and maximum number of toilets are provided on this floor to provide hygienic environment and avoid disservice to any one.

The Operation theaters and ICU’s are located on the second floor as these operations need calmness and the patients require post-operative isolation to avoid any infections.We have also considered Covid like pandemic situations while designing the layout. If required this hospital can be easily compartmentalized to accommodate any such patients in isolation without putting other patients at risk.

This would provide flexibility to the hospital to ensure that the ongoing procedures and routines are not disturbed in a case of another outbreak.

Project Category: Commercial
Project Type: Hospital
Project Style: Functional, Spacious, Efcient
Location: Kedgaon
Project Size: 44,303 sq. ft.